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Daane Labs provides quality-control sticklers with the most affordable, ISO 17025-accredited testing in the United States.

Looking for Laboratory Testing Companies? Founded in 2010, Daane Labs offers the most affordable, ISO 17025-accredited U.S. testing laboratory. Our clients like us because we promise a 48-72 hour turnaround time for all samples, flexible payment terms and added features that we see as simply part of the Daane Labs customer service experience, such as digital images of tests to validate results.

Our clients love us because we are real people they can easily reach when they want to reach us.

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Andrew Daane, M.S., Daane Labs Founder & Laboratory Director

Andrew is a microbiologist specializing in testing food and dietary supplements. A high school science course sparked Daane’s interest in biology. Years later, after working in the industry and seeing opportunities for ways to do business more efficiently and with more personal attention, he established Daane Labs.

Daane earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Clemson University, where he minored in business. He continued at Clemson to earn a master’s degree in environmental microbiology. His particular interest was investigating ways to reduce the spread of food borne illness from industrial compost to the food chain. Daane serves as a technical advisor for the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

Jessica Suardiaz, Lead Microbiologist

Jessica is our Lead Microbiologist with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Florida Gulf Coast University. While attending FGCU, Jessica’s degree specialized in microbiology and the related coursework. She loves animals and has a pet pig named Tina; named after Tina from Bob’s Burgers. Jessica is also well known for her perfume, which is a mixture of marshmallow and green tea.

Josh Fuller, IAQ Microbiologist

Josh is an IAQ Microbiologist with a degree in criminal justice. Josh is originally from upstate New York before he took refuge from the cold and relocated to Naples. He also owns a real estate photography business here in Southwest Florida. He enjoys the technical, detailed nature of indoor air quality analysis while having a creative outlet by playing his Warwick bass guitar.

Laboratory Testing Companies

Ted Robinson, Quality Assurance Microbiologist

Ted Robinson is a Quality Assurance Microbiologist and comes to Daane Labs with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Florida Gulf Coast University. His unique background in chemistry has allowed Daane Labs to offer a wider variety of allergen testing and wet chemistry analyses to our clients. Since joining Daane Labs, Ted has also helped expand our mold capabilities, helped implement a new LIMS, and refined our Quality System.

Noelys Machado, Quality Assurance Microbiologist

Noelys (pronounced Noel-eze) is a Quality Assurance Microbiologist currently pursuing her Master’s Degree from the University of Florida. Noelys is one of the few scientists we’ve met who isn’t afraid of a phone call and she may even help if you call us. When she isn’t working or studying, she enjoys drawing and DIY projects at her house. She is also a huge animal lover and has 5 pets.

Javier Cordero, Quality Assurance Microbiologist and Lab Supervisor

Javier is a Quality Assurance Microbiologist who comes to Daane Labs with extensive experience in different facets of quality. Before joining us, Javier worked for Merck and NBTY in Quality Assurance. Javier is originally from Puerto Rico, where he earned his bachelor’s in Chemical Technology. When Javier isn’t working, he enjoys taking cruises and spending time with his family.

Tess Chamberlin, Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Tess is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I who graduated with a degree in Integrative Biology from Florida Southern College. Tess has previously worked with animals and while she still enjoys them, prefers much smaller animals like bacteria and fungi. Tess loves hotdogs and tries her best to avoid cold weather.

Mariana Delgado M.S., Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Mariana is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Carabobo University in Venezuela. Mariana really enjoys working with pathogens with her favorite organism Pseudomonas. We always joke with Mariana that she needs her 3 cups of coffee per day to keep up with her three children at home.

Michael Garito, IAQ Microbiology Laboratory Technician II

Michael is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician II who is originally from Brooklyn. Michael used to work in the medical field, but now works in our Indoor Air Quality Department. When Michael is differentiating Ascospores from Stachybotrys he teaches a youth group on the weekends and enjoys camping.

Rahja Flowers-Mitchell, Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Rahja is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I who received a degree in Chemistry from Hope College in Holland, Mi. In case you didn’t know, Holland, Michigan is where the “Daane Labs Windmill” sits and really stood out when we reviewed her resume. One cool fact about Rahja is that she speaks Japanese.

Erika Kadas M.S., Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Erika is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I who is originally from Virginia. Unfortunately for her (but good for most everyone else) Erika spent the better part of her life looking for parking spaces at various universities: University of Arkansas, Virginia Tech, J Sargeant Reynolds. She is enjoying being out in industry now and her favorite food is, believe it or not, onions.

Taylor Harrington, Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Taylor is a Microbiology Lab Technician I originally from New York. Taylor earned his degree in Biology from FGCU and has previously worked with turtles. Science is notorious for copious amounts of coffee due to the occasional long hours and requirement for an attention to detail. Taylor must have read this article because he can always be found sipping on some sort of caffeinated beverage. When Taylor isn’t busy in the lab you can find him on his kayak catching some rays.

Sean Warfield, Microbiology Laboratory Technician I

Sean is a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I with a degree from Kent State University. Sean works in our Indoor Air Quality department and is quickly becoming a go-to for spore identifications. Sean is originally from Ohio and spent a brief period in LA when he was an actor. When he’s not in the lab, you can find Sean shooting pool or going to a baseball game.

Katherine Chou-Medina, Media Laboratory Technician

Katherine is a Media Laboratory Technician who is originally from Miami. Katherine helps make, organize, and document all the microbial media used here at the lab. When she isn’t spinning magnetic stir bars, she can be found playing with her dog Luna or at Chipotle ordering a steak bowl, but hold the hot sauce.

Amber Reed, Data Entry Technician

Amber is a Data Entry Technician who is originally from Tennessee. Amber has experience in both retail sales as well as customer service. She helps ensure all samples incoming samples are logged accurately and the lab knows what needs to be done and when. When Amber isn’t helping log in customer samples she loves to online shop; her favorite store is Fashion Nova.

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Dutch Windmill

Do you have 40 seconds for a story about a windmill?

Both sides of Andrew’s family are from the Netherlands. (Andrew learned a little Dutch back in college when he was trying to woo a tall, blonde beauty. She returned his efforts with a half-eaten wheel of cheese and a teary breakup.) During the 1960s, Andrew’s father’s uncle, Willard Wichers, served as a liaison between the governments of Canada and the Netherlands, working hard to build up relations between the two countries. To pay homage to the goodwill that grew, he spearheaded a project to have a Dutch windmill deconstructed, shipped and then rebuilt in Holland, Michigan. Not too long after its completion, the Dutch became very protective of these national treasures and forbade windmills from leaving the country. To this day, Willard’s windmill is the only authentic Dutch windmill in the United States. The Daane Labs logo pays homage to Willard Wichers’ ingenuity and focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships.