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Same-day results aren’t industry standard. They’re our standard.

At Daane Labs, we help protect the integrity of your inspection by utilizing our fast, expert, third-party mold testing laboratory in Florida. Backed by world-class training and having no ties to the remediation industry, you can be assured you’re giving clients results you trust.

Enough talk. Here are the facts.

We are the only lab in Southwest Florida to be ISO 17025-accredited to perform mold analysis, and we were trained at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Samples are analyzed exclusively by trained microbiologists with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a life science. Not to mention, our analytical competence is evaluated every three months by our participation in the AIHA’s Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) program.

Why use an independent lab?

Florida’s year-round warm and humid climate provides the perfect oasis for mold to grow. Concern over mold has increased in recent years as the media has given more air-time to mold-related news stories, and as concern has grown, so has the mold industry. The mold industry is complex and there are many interested parties, each with their own unique perspective and opinion.

Using a third-party mold testing laboratory in Florida gives you and your clients the peace of mind that the data is trustworthy. You know we have nothing to gain or lose by finding mold in a home, and it’s that lack of bias that really matters. And what if lawyers get involved? If there is even a hint of the possibility of bias, you can kiss those lab results (and probably the entire case) goodbye.

Daane Labs maintains an ISO 17025 accreditation that specifically prohibits us from acting in any way that could pose a conflict of interest. We are proud to be a mold testing laboratory in Florida that maintains such a high level of accreditation that our clients can count on.

So, what makes us different? We’re glad you asked.

Guaranteed Same-Day Turnaround

Free Shipping or 24/7 Sample Drop-off

Customizable Reports

Same-day Weekend Analysis Available

Ready to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


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Environmental Analysis

Analysis Description Turnaround Time
* – Denotes the sample will be sub-contracted to a cGMP-compliant genetics laboratory
** – Denotes the sample will be sub-contracted to state-certified environmental laboratory
Mold Spore Enumeration & Identification Enumerates and identifies mold spores in spore trap ≤ 24 hrs
Mold Spore Identification Identifies mold spores from direct tape lift, swab, or bulk sample ≤ 24 hrs
Genetic Identification* Identifies any isolated microbe to species level 1-10 days (rush available)
Total Aerobic Plate Count Enumerates total viable oxygen-dependent bacteria ≤ 48 hrs
Total Viable Yeast & Mold Enumerates and differentiates total viable yeast and mold ≤ 48 hrs
Total Settled Plate Count Enumerates microbes which settle on a surface in given time period ≤ 48 hrs
Lead Paint Chips** Determines the concentration of lead in paint chips using flame atomic absorption 1-10 days (rush available)
FHA/ VA Water Testing** Analyzes private well water for Coliform/ E.coli, lead, nitrates/nitrites, and turbidity using SM & EPA methods 72 hrs
Debris Analysis Identifies non-biological material less than or equal to 48 hrs
Bacterial Identification Identifies genus of organism(s) from a swab less than or equal to 96 hrs/td>
E. coli & Coliform Swab Enumerates and differentiates E. coli and other Coliform organisms 24 – 48 hrs
E. coli & Coliform Water Detects E. coli and other Coliform Organisms in Water less than or equal to 48 hrs
Heavy Metals** Analyzes for Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, and Mercury less than or equal to 7 days
Total Viable Fungal Pathogen Count Enumerates and identifies opportunistic fungal pathogens 48 hrs
Heterotrophic Plate Count Enumerates total heterotrophic bacteria in water ≤ 48 hrs
MPN Coliform Enumerates the concentration of viable coliform bacteria in a sample ≤ 72 hrs
Legionella spp. Presence/absence analysis for Legionella spp. using a CDC method 5-6 days

Learn More about our Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen Screen (OFPS)

Daane Labs OFPS Flyer (PDF)

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